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One on One Private Lessons

1 on 1 in my studio located in Queens, NY or in the comfort of your own home.

Group Classes & Group Lessons

Have a friend you want to learn with. I also offer group classes for students of any age and skill level.

Online One on One Lessons

Not in NY or can't make it to my studio, not a problem. I have been teaching online via zoom and skype for over a decade.

A Brief History of the Guitar

The Journey of the Guitar

The guitar is a plucked string instrument that has been around for centuries. The earliest known ancestor of the guitar is the ancient Egyptian tanbur, which dates back to around 1500 BC. The tanbur is a pear-shaped instrument with a long neck and four strings. It is thought to have spread to Europe from Egypt, and eventually evolved into the modern guitar. The first guitars in Europe were called vihuelas. Vihuelas were typically larger than modern guitars, and had four or five strings. They were popular in Spain during the Renaissance era, and were used to play a variety of music, including folk songs, dances, and religious music. In the 17th century, the vihuela began to decline in popularity, and was replaced by the guitar. Guitars were smaller and easier to play than vihuelas, and they were also more affordable. The guitar quickly became popular throughout Europe, and was used to play a variety of music, including classical music, folk music, and popular music. In the 19th century, the guitar underwent a number of changes. The number of strings was increased to six, and the body of the guitar was made larger. This gave the guitar a fuller sound, and made it more suitable for playing classical music. The guitar continued to evolve in the 20th century. New types of guitars were developed, such as the electric guitar and the bass guitar. These guitars were used to play a variety of new genres of music, such as rock and roll, jazz, and blues. Today, the guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is used to play a wide variety of music, from classical to rock to pop. The guitar is a versatile instrument that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.


What my students and Parents Have to say


What are the different types of lessons that you offer?

I offer private lessons, group lessons, and online lessons. Private lessons are the most personalized and allow you to focus on your specific needs. Group lessons are a more affordable option and are a great way to meet other musicians. Online lessons are a convenient option for students who live in remote areas or who have busy schedules.

What is the cost of your lessons?

The cost of my lessons depends on the type of lesson you choose. Private lessons are the most expensive, followed by group lessons and online lessons.

I don't have a guitar, how can I get one and will I need one for the first lesson(s)?

You don't need to have one right away, I have some available for rent. However I can also help guide you in the right direction to buy your own instrument.

What is the schedule of your lessons?

I offer lessons at various times and days of the week. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by email, or through my website.


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