Tommy Kavounidis

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Born and raised in Queens, New York, Tommy Kavounidis discovered his love for the bouzouki, a traditional Greek musical instrument, at the young age of 13. Intrigued by its unique sound and cultural significance, he dedicated himself to mastering the instrument. However, Tommy's musical journey didn't stop there. After a year of practicing the bouzouki, he felt a strong desire to expand his musical horizons and explore other genres. This led him to study how to play the guitar, a decision that would shape his musical identity in profound ways.

Tommy's musical palette was greatly influenced by a wide range of genres, including Rock, Classical, Jazz, and various world music styles. Drawing inspiration from these diverse sources, he developed a unique and tasteful approach to his instruments. His ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements allowed him to create a sound that was truly his own.

Driven by his passion for music, Tommy decided to pursue higher education in the field. He enrolled at Berklee College of Music, a prestigious institution known for its innovative approach to music education. During his time at Berklee, Tommy's diverse influences continued to fuel his creativity and inspire his musical growth.

Tommy's dedication and hard work paid off as he earned a degree in guitar performance from Berklee. Additionally, he pursued a minor in music production and engineering, further enhancing his skills and knowledge in the profession. This comprehensive education provided him with a solid foundation and a diverse set of tools to excel in the music industry.

Today, Tommy Kavounidis is a highly skilled musician and a versatile performer. His unique blend of influences, combined with his technical expertise, allows him to create captivating music that resonates with audiences from different backgrounds. Whether he is playing the bouzouki or the guitar, Tommy's music reflects his deep understanding and appreciation for various musical traditions, making him a truly exceptional artist.


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